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Support fund
Purpose: Operational support, venues & musical instruments, etc.
Maintenance and new purchase
Earthquake-resistant measures, facilities around water, etc.
(The amount received every month will be uploaded to the website)
To prevent coronavirus infection
LIVE space is now in danger of survival
Sincerely support from everyone
Donation transfer destination
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Tsukamoto Branch (169)
Account number 3887756
Harlem Gospel Missionary Furuyama Natsuko
Japan Post Bank
14080-21322371 Name Furuyama Natsuko
We apologize for the inconvenience, but please let us know.
Inquiry form or 
090-9040-3475 To Koyama in charge

Donation amount & support destination

April 2020 tabulation

¥ 100000 Ikuko Otaki

¥  92000   Adachi Gaku / Kyoka

¥ 30000  Servants Praise Chrch

¥ 21800 Wings Gospel Mini story

¥ 30000 Servants Preaise Chrch

¥ 46000 Adachi Gaku / Kyoka

¥ 46000 Adachi Gaku / Kyoka

  Bazaar donation 31100

¥ 46000 Adachi Gaku / Kyoka

Bazaar donation 10320


Thank you for your cooperation

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